Niche tool pocket pants Grey #213172438

Carpenter pants with many functional pockets and compartments for tools, keys, etc. There are tool pockets, double hammer loops, zippered leg pockets, cell phone -, linked -, bits -, ID card -, and pen pocket. A little pocket on the lower leg makes working on your knees easier. Many of the pockets are reinforced for durability. Reflective detail on the left leg gives a bit of visibility in the dark. A removable key band is in the right pocket. Pants are reinforced with polyester in vulnerable areas. Use approved long kneepads, order nr: 972 290 or 972 292. Fabric: Canvas, 100% cotton, 350g/m².



Toolpocket trousers, broad loops hold the trousers in place even when the pockets are heavily loaded. Reinforced toolpockets with different sections for small tools and a pocket for the tape measure. Pouch pockets with flaps at the back. Leg pockets, ruler pocket and mobile phone pocket. Reinforcements on the knees. You put the kneepads into the knee pockets from inside to keep them better in place. ID-card pocket. Use approved long kneepads, order nr: 972294, 972290 or 972292. Wash 60°