Nordic Tool Pocket Pants with Comfort Stretch Grey #686070836

Carpenter pants with many functional pockets and compartments for tools, keys, etc. There are tool pockets, double hammer loops, zippered leg pockets, cell phone -, linked -, bits -, ID card -, and pen pocket. A little pocket on the lower leg makes working on your knees easier. Many of the pockets are reinforced for durability. Reflective detail on the left leg gives a bit of visibility in the dark. A removable key band is in the right pocket. Pants are reinforced with polyester in vulnerable areas. Use approved long kneepads, order nr: 972 290 or 972 292. Fabric: Canvas, 100% cotton, 350g/m².



Stretch panels in the crotch, rear and calves provide maximum
comfort and ease of movement. The trousers feature many func-
tional pockets and compartments for tools, double hammer loops,
a zip-up leg pocket, mobile phone pocket and ID card pocket.
Most of the pockets plus the knees
and ankles are reinforced for
lasting wear. Approved kneepads: Order no.: 972290 or 972292.
Fabric Canvas, 100% Cotton 350 g/
m², Stretch: 49% polyamide/
42% polyester/9% elastane and Reinforced with 100% polya-
mide. Wash at 60º