Mora Craftline Basic Knife



The range has knife blades made of the highest-quality Swedish stainless steel available. These knives combine extreme sharpness and cutting edge retention.

The knife is extremely sharp and it stays sharp for a long time. Furthermore, the patterned, double-molded, high-friction grip is ergonomically designed making it an efficient, comfortable and safe knife to use.

  • 3.6-inch fixed blade, high carbon steel utility knife, for high Hardness, easy sharpening, and exceptional toughness
  • Impact-resistant, ergonomic tep rubber handle for optimum grip; included finger guard provides additional safety
  • Hard plastic Combi-Sheath features a quick-connection for the addition of a second knife and sheath

 **This Knife will fit onto the the button on the right leg knife pocket of all the pants and shorts**